John Gannon started on the clarinet, classically trained in the voodoo art of chamber music, playing on a part-time basis at The Settlement Music School in Philadelphia throughout high school. He picked up the saxophone along the way, and a year of piano lessons was stupidly abandoned. While in college, he decided to ditch the clarinet and saxophone and dive into the drums.

Post-college, he drummed for a jazz quartet that established residency at a Mexican restaurant in suburban Springfield, PA (his hometown!), outside of Philadelphia. This weekly or bi-weekly gig lasted, incredibly, for at least a year, until the owners wised up and realized the band was driving people out of their eatery. The best thing that came out of it is that the bass player went on to a successful music career, and tours with the likes of Rod Stewart around this great planet.

John had a band in the late 1990s that he can’t name, lest he gets sued. The band eventually got tired, and the keyboardist wisely moved to Boston for his medical residency, and John spent a couple of years getting his arse kicked by much better drummers at a weekly blues jam in Narberth, PA. He also spent three years in the early 2000s with some lovely people in the rockin’, rootsy, “fill-in-the-blank” jam band Ten Spiders.

After moving to Portland at the end of 2005, he dusted off the clarinet, hauled the tenor back on the plane after one holiday visit, and got busy with it. His current and recent projects include the following:

  • Heavy Sweaters – drums for this rock duo, with a second record, Hev Sweat 2, in the making.
  • Michelle McAfee – drums for this incredible singer-songwriter who marries Pop with Americana
  • Redwood Highway – clarinet for the soundtrack of this indie film (score by John Morgan Askew).
  • Ten Spiders – horns and drums for this former Philly-based jam/pop/funk/americana band, now based in Portlandia, Oregon.
  • Jonathan Brinkley – clarinet for his in-progress "Unguarded Heart" album.
  • Kevin Wells – recording engineer and clarinet for this singer/songwriter's debut children's music album, Myrtle Songs. (Kevin also did the photos for Edmond's Box!)
  • The Plus 3 Septet – horns and other stuff for this “experimental” Seattle-based retro-electronica-influenced mayhem.

And, lastly, the second try, Free Throws, and the plucky upstart, Edmond’s Box, where John sings and plays piano, keyboards, drums, and saxophone, aided by an incredible cast of musically gifted characters and one special recording engineer.

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